Deep Sea Fishing Around Isla Mujeres

Whether you are an avid fisherman or someone who is looking for some excitement on the waves, there is no denying that deep sea fishing around Isla Mujeres has all that you need.

The gorgeous waters around the island are not just pretty on the eye but delve beneath the surface and there is a whole new world waiting to be explored. All you need is a boat, a rod and a reel, as well as a tour that takes you right to the heart of the action.

A Fishing Trip to Explore the Senses

From the adrenaline rush to feeling a large fish on the end of your rod to the excitement of searching for the catch of the day, there is so much to love about deep sea fishing. The reality is that if you want to get the most from the experience, then it helps to know a thing or two about the area. This is where experienced captains really earn their worth as they will take you to all the top marks where it won’t take too long until you are into your first fish.

So, if you are looking to book a deep sea fishing tour in Isla Mujeres, what can you expect to catch?

The good news is that there is no shortage of great fish to catch in the area. You can target some of the fastest fish in the sea as well as some of the strongest and those that taste delicious on the grill.

Blue Marlin – This is the biggest Billfish that can be caught in the area and they can be found from March to August. They can weigh over 1200 lbs, so expect a good fight!

White Marlin – This species averages around 45 to 65 lbs but as they are a deep water fish, once you hook on, you’re certainly going to need your adrenaline to bring it to the surface.

Sailfish – You’ll see these flailing through the air but blink and you might miss them as they are one of the fastest species in the sea, reaching speeds of up to 70mph. Whatever happens, hook one and you’ll need to hold on tight!

Dorado – If you’re looking to fish for something to eat, Dorado is known to be one of the most delicious-tasting fish in the area. Stunning colours really catch the eye and they will certainly put a bend in your rod but once landed, it’s time to get the grill ready.

Grouper – You can expect to catch grouper up to a length of 3ft, so this is not small by any stretch of the imagination! However, it is a popular fish found on the menu of many restaurants in the area, so this is a top fish to catch if you enjoy eating your catch.

Snapper – Yet another great-tasting fish but one that will certainly make you work for your meal. They are on average around 10lbs in size but have been known to reach 151 lbs. Still when fried whole or filleted, it’s a fish that’s very easy on the taste buds.

Preparing Your Fish

The great thing about a deep sea fishing tour and keeping your catch is that everything is done for you. Not only will you get taken to all the top spots but you will have your catch cleaned for you by the first mate where you can then have it prepared at a local restaurant, in your home or in your rental property by seafood experts. This will enable you to explore local cooking methods such as Tikin Xic. This translates as dry fish but there is nothing dry about fish prepared in this way. Your fish will be marinated in a paste which includes crushed annatto seeds and spices such as coriander and cumin. It is then wrapped in banana leaves before being cooked and served – it’s the perfect way to end a busy day of deep sea fishing.

For the best deep sea fishing experience, book a tour and make sure you enjoy every second on the ocean before having a memorable meal served up for you!

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