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Isla Spirit Adventures is here to bring you on the most epic ocean adventures in and around Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Join us for once in a lifetime experiences such as swimming alongside whale sharks, snorkeling with the whole family around Isla’s magical reefs, underwater museum and lighthouse, scuba diving into caves with sleeping sharks or shipwrecks with colossal sized grouper and sea turtles, catching a sailfish, tuna, or snapper and having it prepared in front of you, traditional island style, or sipping on a perfectly prepared margarita while watching a breathtaking and vibrant sunset,  just off the shores of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Our family owned businesses have over 30 years experience operating in Isla Mujeres and 50 years of hospitality experience around the world. We pride ourselves on offering our guests the most accommodating and unforgettable ocean adventures available, while also maintaining sustainable and socially responsible business practices; with a high focus on ecological conservation, education, cultural preservation, and outreach. Our experienced team of local professionals will make you feel like family and an honorary islander from the time you book your trip with us until well after you have already returned home.

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